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She's Bliss Necklace Collection

She's Bliss Necklace Collection

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Whether you choose a single vibe or get the whole stack, you'll enjoy the blissful energy from Citrine, Peach Moonstone, and Peridot Gemstones.

Collection Includes:

    • Peridot Gold-Filled Half Station Necklace | 14"-16"
    • Faceted Citrine Necklace |
    • 14"-16"
    • She's Bliss Citrine + Peach Moonstone + Peridot Necklace | 
  • 14"-16"
  • Hematoid Quartz Point + Peach Moonstone Gold-Filled Necklace | 16"-19"

About The Stones:

Citrine encourages authentic joy, enthusiasm, wonder, self-esteem & self-confidence while energizing every level of life to help you manifest and attract wealth, prosperity, and success. 

Peridot is a powerful cleansing stone that brings in joy & inspires creativity. It is also known to be a very happy stone that increases your sense of self-worth and well-being, and opens your heart for new relationships.

Peach Moonstone represents all things feminine and has long been considered the stone of love, fertility, intuition, magic, protection, hope and spiritual purity. It opens our hearts to empathy, fosters synchronicity and guides us to a place of serenity.

Hematoid Quartz helps you feel grounded and increases confidence to recognize your self-worth. It promotes optimism and courage as you venture through new beginnings. 

Due to the use of genuine natural stones, each necklace is unique and may vary slightly from that pictured. Each necklace is made to meet the high standard I strive for. Any minor imperfections are natural to stones and a part of what make them beautiful.

Please note that colors may differ slightly due to individual screen and monitor settings.

Care Instructions

Avoid prolonged contact with moisture.

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